Christy Altomare


Christy Altomare captured the hearts of Broadway audiences in the past few years starring in the title role of the hit Broadway musical , Anastasia.

In recent years, Christy has made a name for herself staring in such musicals as Spring Awakening, (Wendla), played Sue Snell in the off-Broadway revival of Carrie and made her Broadway debut as Sophie in Broadway’s mega-hit Mamma Mia.

The Broadway premiere of Anastasia, earned Christy glowing reviews. The show's final Broadway performance was on March 31, 2019, playing a total of 808 regular shows and 34 previews.

This year, Christy has been in the recording studio, working on her debit CD. It features Broadway songs as well as self-penned original material.

For the 2020 concert season, Christy plans on hitting the road to share her fans with Anastasia fans… and beyond.