Everybody dance!

A 70's celebration

Disco IS the sound of the 70s and it still has the power to get us «movin' and groovin». While the 70s are fondly remembered for classic movies (Rocky, Jaws, Star Wars), tv shows (The Love Boat, Charlie's Angels and video games («Atari,»«Space Invaders,»«Asteroids») it's the MUSIC of the ME decade that has the ultimate power to take us back in time.

Travel back to the days when «Saturday Night Fever» was a box-office smash, Donna Summer was the queen of the air waves and Beethoven had his first top-40 hit. It was a music revolution- where RECORDS became hits from the dance clubs. Dj’s had the power to break records and watch them climb up the charts.

Songs like «Last Dance,»«Don't Leave Me This Way,»«Funkytown,»«I Will Survive,»«YMCA,»«San Francisco,»«And The Beat Goes On,»«Ring My Bell,» and «Rock The Boat» were all «tested» by dj’s in the biggest clubs… from New York’s Studio 54 and Ice Palace to clubs across the country. From the beginning days in gay clubs to the Top 40 airwaves, disco became a musical phenomenon.

You're invited to celebrate those disco days and boogie nights with a cast of New York's top performers singing and dancing to super-hits by Abba, the Bee Gees, Gloria Gaynor, Barry Manilow, Donna Summer and more! The stage will be ablaze with a live disco band. And like a dj spinning records at the hottest club, this live band is a non-stop party- with very few breaks. It’s hit after hit -- all reminding you that «You Should be Dancin', yeah!»

The cast includes top Broadway/cabaret vocalists that not only perform on stage, but get the audience up on their feet, dancing with the audience. They get the party started and it doesn't stop for 90 minutes. The show can be performed with anywhere from five to fifty musicians -- from disco band to symphony. And as an added attraction, you can include a DJ so the «after-party» can continue following the performance. A little wine and snacks and patrons can hustle to the music they danced to, bringing back amazing memories in their life. An evening’s entertainment, all under one roof.

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