September 01, 2016 | by Rich Aronstein

«Just lots of good will and maybe one small thrill but there’s nothing dirty going on.»

– Carol Hall 

Raise the curtain! Light the lights! Drop your drawers! And leave your inhibitions at the door. That’s right….we’re going to put the ‘show’ in show tunes.

Get ready for a Broadway revue you’ll never forget. 

«Everybody Rise! A Broadway Boylesque» invites you to experience some of Broadway’s all-time biggest songs presented with a bit of a classy, naughty twist!!  A hunky cast of Broadway’s beautiful men, give new meaning to «Let Me Entertain You» in an evening full of sexy, bawdy, titillating and surprisingly moving song and dance. We promise it’ll be a little bit naughty, a little bit nice but totally thrilling and uplifting!  

Imagine classic show tunes the way you WANT to see them. You’ll never think of songs like «Cool» from WEST SIDE STORY, «Steam Heat» from THE PAJAMA GAME, «Popular» from WICKED, «We Kiss in a Shadow» from THE KING AND I, «Cell Block Tango» from CHICAGO, «Dance: Ten, Looks: Three» from A CHORUS LINE, «Mein Herr» from CABARET and «Feed Me» from LITTLE SHOP OF HORRORS in the same way again. That’s a promise. Without changing a single lyric or a single melody line your favorite show tunes will take on a new life and meaning while respecting the material and it’s theatrical legacy. A cast filled with Broadway and cabaret’s best male vocalists will be joined by some of the hottest dancers on the Great White Way to send the audience on a flight of fancy and sensuality. 

So leave your inhibitions at the door – because in here, life is booty-full.

Rich Aronstein
Rich Aronstein

For someone who doesn't play an instrument, read a note of music, or sing, Rich Aronstein has made his mark in the world of music and theater. As a presenter of top headlining Broadway and comedic entertainers, those who have had the pleasure of «booking» with rj productions will confirm that the loyalty, honesty, integrity, and caliber of entertainment delivered, is unmatched.

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  1. I love your shows and the new brand! The website is amazing! I love it!

  2. John casartelli : August 30, 2017 Reply

    Fabulous website. Love the history/background of R/J. Passing on to Jerry

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