January 06, 2020 | by Rich Aronstein

What a year it’s been.


After seeing so many different artists at Cabarets, Performing Arts Centers, Broadway and Off Broadway theaters, we thought it was time to re-examine our artist roster.


The two most important aspects of owning RJ Productions for over 22 years, is to keep it fresh with the best and most exciting talent. And pleasing presenters so they’re audiences return and the presenter returns to rebook with rj again.


We began the company with well known Broadway stars- established with a great fan base. We very specifically focused on legendary artists that lovers of the Great American Songbook appreciated. But in time, and seeing a newer generation of music fans appreciating new takes on that songbook, we wanted to entice that generation with new artists.


While never soliciting artists already attached to representatives, we found many talented artists reaching out to us. And at the same time, we began reaching out to some of the freshest Broadway and nightclub artists performing- each one establishing a great fan base. Whether it was after their show or through social media, we began creating a brand new roster this past summer .


We are so excited to work with artists we admire. For some, we are guiding them in their first for way into concerts. Some have created a concert buzz already.


When multiple people from different worlds reached out to me about Nashville’s Mandy Barnett, I thought it was a sign. She’s great!


When Branden and James reached out, and then seeing their acclaimed concert, I knew I wanted to work with them. A friendly dinner with Michael Longoria turned into a new artist on our roster. It just felt right. And after 25 years of friendship with Ann Hampton Callaway, it’s a joy to work with her.


As a big fan of Garrett Clayton, it was worth reaching out on Facebook to share what I do. He had interest in creating a concert show. Who knew? But here we are- It’s a wonderful relationship. Same with my personal “Idol”- David Hernandez. He should have won. He’s incredible. And fans adore him.


I’ve known Clint Holmes for years. But seeing his Nat King Cole show with Billy Stritch, I knew I wanted it that night at Birdland.



I’ve seen Nicolas King perform with our client Charles Calello. Working with him on his solo career, is a joy. He brings a cool sophistication to his shows and we jumped at working with him. And it wasn’t because of the two mimosa’s I had at our initial brunch.


It’s a very new and current group of incredible artists. we now represent.
They all add something exciting and fresh alongside great artists like Adam Pascal, Jarrod Spector, Anthony Rapp, Telly Leung, Rob McClure and many more. Plus we’ve added new Scott Coulter concept shows.


While the roster is different, what hadn’t changed is our “hands-on” approach of working directly with a presenter and figuring out what their audiences want. I’m not giving an artist to a theater that isn’t right. It’s gotta be a fit. It’s why we curate a bunch of Broadway Concert Series at various theaters and PAC’s.


Let us help you create a perfect fit. We can suggest- but at the end of the day, the presenter knows best because they know their audiences. Or do they, in these new and interesting times ? 🙂




Rich Aronstein

Rich Aronstein
Rich Aronstein

For someone who doesn't play an instrument, read a note of music, or sing, Rich Aronstein has made his mark in the world of music and theater. As a presenter of top headlining Broadway and comedic entertainers, those who have had the pleasure of «booking» with rj productions will confirm that the loyalty, honesty, integrity, and caliber of entertainment delivered, is unmatched.

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January 06, 2020 | by Rich Aronstein

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