By Rich Aronstein

Welcome to our SMILE page where we are thrilled to share some of our friends in some wonderful photo’s. Our goal is to entertain you with our off-stage photo’s that we’ve taken along the way….casual fun pictures with our clients, our staff and our friends. Some may be instantly recognizable. Some, you may scratch your head and wonder “who is that?” They’re photo’s we’ve always enjoyed looking at- and wanted to share them with you. There are fun times backstage and luckily, we’ve captured some of them. So sit back, scroll through our collection today- and in the future, as we continue to add new pics every month. We are sure they will make you… Smile!

When Rich suggests,
we listen!
It’s a true pleasure working with
rj productions and
I am grateful to Rich.

Sharon Maier-Kennelly
Tilles Center, NY