Rich’s biography

About Rich

by Haren Kahn

For someone who doesn't play an instrument, read a note of music, or sing, Rich Aronstein has made his mark in the world of music and theater. As a presenter of top headlining Broadway and comedic entertainers, those who have had the pleasure of «booking» with rj productions will confirm that the loyalty, honesty, integrity, and caliber of entertainment delivered, is unmatched.


Richard Jay-Alexander: Director of:
Barbra Streisand, Kristin Chenoweth, Bernadette Peters, Roslyn Kind

Going back to his roots in the Bronx, Rich came up the ranks with hard work and perseverance along with the experience and guidance of such notable icons in the industry as Scepter Records President Florence Greenberg, jingle specialist Stanley Kahn and supreme recording artist and friend, Luther Vandross. “Vinyl Records” was his introduction to the world of music – a priority as a kid vs. studying academic core subjects. Long hours at the disco into the early mornings in the ’70s, promoting records, attending numerous Broadway shows from a very early age,  and meeting prominent industry individuals over the years, have led him to today’s success at rj productions.


Building relationships has been the number one reason for Rich’s achievement. His likable personality and his wonderful way of making his artists and presenters feel that they are important and valued, has allowed Rich to connect with each person he encounters. Through creative shows, master classes, concert series, annual showcases, and a host of other specialized programs, rj productions connects with talented artists and presenters. Rich and his team are out nightly seeing concerts, Broadway shows and always looking for great talent to add to the rj roster. It’s continued proof that the Broadway and concert community continues to be in great hands.

Having been part of rj productions since its inception, it has been an incredibly rewarding and inspirational experience for all of us.



John Iachetti – Titanium Entertainement Services,
Michael Feinstein Branded Clubs

Working with Rich regularly throughout the year, we are a team; each working within our specialized areas: marketing, advertising and sales. We have formed long term relationships with presenters and performers alike at the conferences, gigs and artists we meet with.


«Always a pleasure working with you and your team»

Alan Inkles, Director - Staller Center for the Arts, NY

Our established Broadway and concert artists are always very special. And the joy we get from watching our younger talent grow as performers, is unbeatable. Working with presenters continues to be extremely pleasurable as well. Some have become great friends, after working together for over 15 years. Trust, honesty, and loyalty is what rj productions is all about. How does that saying go, "Do what you love and never work a day in your life!" Well...we all feel we never work...a lot!

Haren Kahn, Lauriana Zuluaga, Karen Fisch, Tyler Oldham Houston


Rich has a true passion for the arts and a roster of artists who represent the creme de la creme. He spends time getting to know his clients to ensure that when he makes recommendations, they are appropriate and will succeed. His artists come to our venue informed and prepared thanks to RJ’s attention to detail.

When Rich suggests, we listen! It's a true pleasure working with rj productions and I am grateful to Rich.

Sharon Maier-Kennelly - Tilles Center, NY

Rich Aronstein photos courtesy Bill Westmoreland